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I would like to start this blog by introducing myself. I am JoJo Xiaomei Zheng and I am currently a senior at Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU Denver). I am a student in the Hospitality, Events and Tourism Department, which is located in the Hospitality Learning Center of MSU Denver.

It was my junior year in High School when one of the customers at work introduced me to the career of Hotel Management. She insisted I would be great at it and I should choose it because it would fit me perfectly. Not long after her enthusiastic encouragement, I researched hotel management on the internet and found myself fascinated by the wonderful choices hotel management has to offer. I thought to myself, it would be wonderful if I can work in a hotel! I love meeting new people from all over and learning about them. I especially love to hear all the stories they carry with them. A degree in hotel management will give me more opportunities and the skills I need to apply my hard work ethic toward an exciting industry, and the key ability to provide better service to my future customers. I knew it would be hard for my dreams to come true if I did not obtain a degree, so I dedicated myself to the pursuit of a higher education.

I find myself different because I was raised in China by my hardworking parents who probably worked more hours than anyone I have ever known. It is only reasonable to think that the more you work the more you will earn, but unfortunately that was not the case for my parents. My father came to America before the rest of my family in order to get a better job and prepare for the rest of us to come. I was ten years old when my Mother and my two brothers and I came over to America to meet my Father. By that time, my Father was working in a restaurant in Virginia. Four years later, we all moved to Denver and my Father started his own restaurant. Since then, following the example of my Father, I grew up working for every penny I have ever earned. At the age of 14 I started working at my parent’s restaurant. While other kids at my age were still enjoying a carefree childhood, I started assuming the responsibilities of adulthood. I was obligated to work every day in the family business with only 3 days off each year. Since I grew up in the restaurant industry I find myself pretty familiar with the world of business and customer service. Therefore, I am confident in my future because I know I will easily adapt to the new environments I will face.

Posted: 12/09/2015
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